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Endless Pockets

My children love pockets. They like to put stuff in them, and they like to take stuff out. Today C fished out a dollar from my back pocket.

I got a dollar. Yay!

For some reason they like to just randomly stick their hands in pockets and hope for a surprise. They always have a big smile on their faces when they find something.

G has discovered the magic of having pockets of his own.

Not only are pockets great for holding money and keys, but they’re great for stuffing toys, trash, dried up food found on the ground, tiny bottles of lotion, jewelry, and just about anything else they can fit in there. The more pockets the better.

If I had endless pockets, or could at least put that extension charm like they do in Harry Potter, my children could be entertained for hours. All I’d have to do is shove everything I own for them to find in my pockets and I could keep them busy long enough to take a nap.

Unquestionably, their favorite thing to find in a pocket is money. The little thieves. They dig in a pocket and once it’s in their hands they claim it as their own. If only I could train them to take money out of other people’s pockets. Okay, no, that would be wrong.

I have a feeling the shake downs for my personal possessions will never end.


One comment on “Endless Pockets

  1. n.navas
    April 27, 2012

    from now till you’re dead they’ll be taking your money!

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