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Why Are You Running Away?

The last few years of being a dad have taught me a great deal about children. Mostly, my experience has corrected what I thought I knew about children. For example, my impression before fatherhood was that children are filled with wonder about the world around them and they are fascinated by just about everything because it’s all new to them. Lies.

This may be true for a newborn who has nowhere to go and nothing to do but look around, but once they can stand upright, they just want to run. At least my kids do.

I took G to the aquarium today after school because even though we went last week there were so many people there that we couldn’t see anything. I’m pretty sure there were some fire codes being violated too because if there had been a fire, we would have surely perished for lack of a way to get to the nearest emergency exit.

Today was the complete opposite because there was virtually no one there. I prefer an empty museum to a crowded one not only because I can see exhibits better, but because when G runs away I don’t have to push aside children and old ladies just to keep up with him. Just kidding. I’ve never done that, but I have pushed aside teenagers and middle aged ladies. They can handle it.

The thing is, once children develop their own interests, they can ignore everything else. G’s interests when we go to the aquarium are the Komodo Dragons (Not sure why they’re at an aquarium, but whatever),

and running around like it’s a playground. The unfortunate side effect of this is that he runs past everything that is not Komodo Dragons. Everything else he’s willing to stop at is up for grabs. I occasionally ask G why he keeps running away from me but I just get blank looks. Oh well, on the plus side I get to pretend I’m a running back on the football field during everyday outings.


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