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I Wish You Were Here

Today was G’s first day back to school. C loves playing with her brother so much that I know she’ll have a hard time readjusting to his absence. Luckily, Mondays are gym class, so she had something else to preoccupy herself with. But tomorrow will likely be a little more difficult for her. It brings a sad smile to my face every day she wakes up from her nap and points to her brother’s bed, wondering where he is and why he’s not there with her.

I felt particularly touched today as she kept climbing onto his truck, sitting and just waiting for her brother to appear, climb into the driver’s seat and start driving her around. The truck that’s appeared so often in this blog because it’s my son’s most prized possession, which C is too small to reach the pedal to drive herself.

In honor of her soft heart for her brother, I thought to write yet another haiku.

so many good times

we’ve had on your truck, brother

I wish you were here


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