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Enough With Devices Already

Today was pretty fun because I took the kids to the children’s museum for the first time in a couple of months. Some of you may remember my post, Put Down Your Stupid Phone, where I witnessed an inattentive adult who was more interested in her phone than the children she was supposed to be chaperoning.

I bring this up because I wrote that post on the day of the last time I took the kids to the children’s museum. Ironically, I witnessed the exact same thing today, only it was a mother and her son and the mother wasn’t only on her phone, but she was sporting an iPad too.

We’ve been to a lot of fun places this past week; the zoo, the park, the aquarium, and today, the children’s museum. Not once did I see a parent paying more attention to something other than their children before today’s occurrence. And at the one place we went designed for little kids.

I mean, the zoo and the aquarium can be fun for teenagers, but you wouldn’t find very many of them at the children’s museum. If there was ever an age where you could pay less attention to your children, it would be the teenage years. Teenagers would probably appreciate it.

I actually saw this woman hunt down a power outlet to charge her devices so she could keep using them while at the museum. How many hours straight had this woman been using her iPad that it needed a charge, and in the middle of a visit to a museum with her kid? I just don’t understand what’s wrong with people.

If you’re one of these parents that needs your devices with you at all times, seek help. Seriously, it’s bad enough that kids are neglected by parents who aren’t around. There’s no need to have more parents neglect their children during family activities too.

That’s my rant for today, and I’d like to end with a more positive note that I think I figured out what to get C for her next birthday.

Shopping for her dream house.

G’s birthday is coming up relatively soon and he only confirmed what he would like.



One comment on “Enough With Devices Already

  1. n. navas
    April 13, 2012

    we live in a distracting world!

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