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Second Class Citizen

Sometimes my kids just don’t want me. Understandable, they see me all the time, and I can get a little sick of them myself. G’s recently taken to crying at just about everything I say to him, even if I’m just asking him to put pants on so he doesn’t get cold. That’s karma at work because apparently I did the same thing to my dad when I was a kid. Sorry dad. I may have hated you then, but I sure love you now.

I can handle my kids not wanting me near them. I’ve been prepared for it for a while. A wise man once told me that when I had kids, I would become a second class citizen. So true. The kids and my wife would all choose each other before me and I had to come to terms with that. I think all fathers have to come to terms with that.

More than anything, it’s frustrating when I’m trying to get something done, like putting them to sleep or giving them a bath. If they don’t want me reading to them, or bathing them, or putting them to sleep, they turn into little versions of the Hulk, going on tiny rampages full of anger and destruction.

Who I really feel bad for is my wife because she’s forced to deal with them even when she wants a break. Though, I’m sure she enjoys the fact that she gets chosen over me nine times out of ten.

Today after dinner, she was trying to get the kids upstairs for a bath. G threw a fit and didn’t want to go so I said I was coming to drag him upstairs and the screams went to a whole new level. He cried for his uncle, who happened to be standing there, and went quietly with him. I was passed over yet again for another more desirable adult.

My wife pointed out that the kids will often choose anyone else over me. Grandpa, uncle, visiting friends, our neighbors, anyone they just met. Ok, C wouldn’t pick a stranger over me because she’s a total daddy’s girl, but she will choose family members.

Since it’s spring break for G and he hasn’t had such a high dosage of me since Christmas, his patience for me has run out. We went to the aquarium today and he tried to run away from me every chance he got. Luckily he’s still small enough where he doesn’t want to get lost and got scared when he couldn’t see me. The highlight of our day was a nature walk outside the aquarium because it was the only time today when the kids weren’t trying to run away from, or scream at me.

If you can’t tell, G’s gritting his teeth at me and C could care less that I’m there. The nice thing about having two kids is they can entertain each other when they don’t want to have anything to do with me.


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