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My Bearded Journey

I’d like to write today concerning the awesomeness of beards. True, they’re not for everyone, but I’ve been conditioning both of my children since birth to appreciate a good beard. How? By growing one.

I’ve been wanting to do a beard post for a while. My wife asked if any of you readers would want to know about my beard, and I said, “I don’t know. Probably not, but they’re going to find out anyway.”

I suppose the real reason this post idea came to mind is because I am usually rocking a beard. See, I hate shaving, and when I moved from Hawaii to Virginia, I was finally exposed to cold winters that gave me a practical reason to keep a beard more often (you’d be surprised what a remarkably good windbreaker beards make for your face).

I get a lot of comments about my beard . . . usually from my parents telling me to shave, or my wife complaining that it’s too long. But my children have never complained. They’ve been raised on beard, and I think they prefer me to have one. Every time I shave, C freaks out and wonders what happened to her daddy, and G asks me all day, “what happened to your beard, Daddy?”

So, for today’s post, I’m taking you all through a very brief journey of my kids and my beard. It’s a little sporadic because for some reason I’m not in very many pictures with my kids while sporting a beard. Or, in many pictures at all. Apparently, we don’t pose with our kids all that often. Anyway, here goes.

This picture is of the day G was born, and my beard and I were ready and waiting to to greet him into this world.

Welcome to the world beard.

Morning, noon, and night, my beard was there with G every step of the way his first few weeks of life.

Sleeping beard.

Sometimes, he could get a little too excited about the beard.

Beard grab.

We even rung in G’s first New Year with beard intact.

New Year beard. He's just tired in this picture, he was still digging the beard.

C’s life has been no different.

Early beard exposure has given C a strong attachment to it.

In fact, in the first year of her life, I think I shaved four times. Maybe five. I might have done it more often, but as I said, she gets very upset every time I shave. When I say that she gets upset, I’m talking about hysterical crying and several hand swipes at my bald face.

Yep, the girl loves a good beard, and although her reactions to me shaving are far less severe than before, she doesn’t seem to mind a good hairy kiss every now and then.

Today's beard.

At the very least, beard’s are fun to tickle your children with. You can rub it on just about any part of their body and they burst out laughing. Or, if they’re misbehaving, you can torture them with it until they beg for mercy. Either way, beards are pretty awesome in my book.

Beard's revenge.


7 comments on “My Bearded Journey

  1. n. navas
    April 3, 2012

    do look good with a beard!

  2. D
    April 4, 2012

    kenny loggins?

    • mrmomman
      April 4, 2012

      Don’t insult me. You know you wish you could grow a beard as awesome as mine.

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  4. Kendria
    April 10, 2012

    “Welcome to the world beard”.. classic caption.

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