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Little Hands

I was going through the photos I took today and for some reason my kids’ hands jumped out at me in most of them. I’m not one of those people who digs tiny extremities, though they are cute, but it did make me think about how useful hands are. And I just thought I was checking for all the fingers when they were born for purely aesthetic purposes.

The hands’ uses are many, but here are a few that my children were so kind to demonstrate while doing everyday, ordinary, outdoor things.

Hands are good for gripping. Like when C needs to hang on for her dear life while G swerves around in his truck.

Slowing yourself down when going down a slide. Funny faces are optional.

Sticking them through holes and crevices. Although, sticking your hands in places they don't belong can be dangerous.

Waving hello and goodbye. Sometimes both at the same time.

Pointing at stuff. This is especially useful for little ones because they like to point at everything. Add the ability to speak and the question, "what's that?" becomes your child's pointer finger's new best friend.

My favorite, using hands to hold themselves at the top of a slide so there's enough time to stick a tongue out at dad.


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