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Career Speculations

I’m willing to bet that just about every parent fantasizes about what their child will be when they grow up. My wife and I have certainly done it, and we foolishly base it on what they happen to be interested in. I say foolishly because they’re toddlers and their interests change like the seasons. Or, with the seasons. Whatever.

She puts on her pretend stethoscope just about every day. And she knows what to do with it, too.

If I were to base my kids’ future careers on their current interests, I’d have to say that C would likely be a doctor or a dancer. Why? Because she loves that stethoscope she’s wearing, and as long as there’s music playing, she’ll dance!

There’s no telling what will stick with her because she’s not quite a year and a half, so her interests are bound to change. I have no idea what my interests were at that age, but I think I wanted to be a cowboy when I was five and that interest didn’t last six months. I’m crossing my fingers for dance because at least then I could watch her perform. There’s nothing fun about watching a doctor at work. In fact, if you’re not invited to watch a surgery, I’m pretty sure watching a doctor at work isn’t allowed.

My little redneck son loves just about everything John Deere.

G’s a little more of a sure bet. Even though he’s not quite three, we’re pretty sure he’ll have a career involving machinery. Trucks, bulldozers, trains, monster trucks, race cars, whatever. If it’s something fast, big, dirty, destructive, or any combination thereof, he’s interested.

The other day we saw a garbage truck on the way to school and he just about flipped out. A few weeks ago he made me watch a backhoe loader pulling up and lifting trees into the back of a pickup for twenty or thirty minutes.

He’s always had an interest in machines, and it’s an interest that’s done nothing but grow. If he doesn’t end up in construction, I’m pretty sure he’ll make a strong effort to race monster trucks. He’s already a pretty good driver.

One thing I hope for in my children’s future careers, is that they don’t pick something boring, like accounting. I have nothing against accountants, and if there are any accountants reading this, please don’t be offended. But if my kids pick boring careers, that’s no fun for me.


2 comments on “Career Speculations

  1. n. navas
    March 29, 2012

    i like accounting

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