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I got rejected by my two-year old today in favor of sweeping.

G comes home from school with a lot of energy, and since the weather’s started to turn warm, after school time is usually spent outside. So after a snack, and my usual questioning about what happened at school, where I discovered that the naughty kid in his class destroyed one of the teacher’s lessons, I asked G if he wanted to go play with me.

Me: “Hey, G, want to go play in the garage?”

G: “No, I have to wash my hands.”

Me: “What about after you wash your hands?”

G: “No, I have to clean.”

Me: “But, I’m offering to go play with you. You don’t have to clean.”

G: “Yes I do Daddy! I have to sweep up my mess.”

Me: “There’s no mess for you to sweep up! Let’s go play!”

G: “No, I’m sweeping.”

He then proceeded to run away from me while sweeping up his “mess.” As my wife was then so apt to point out to me, G thought of every lame excuse he could to avoid going outside with me. Like I was a desperate teenager searching for a prom date and given the, “oh, I’m washing my hair,” excuse.

Shortly thereafter, I asked him if he really would rather sweep than go and play with me and he just ran in the opposite direction. It’s ok, he made it up to me before bedtime by giving me lots of hugs and kisses. Forgive and forget.


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