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Running Away From Your Children

Chasing your little ones around can be great exercise. Being chased by your little one is just as good a workout. Especially when your little one is driving a truck that hauls, requiring you to run away just so you don’t get run over.

Nothing like a morning jog with a toddler hot on your trail, to get your blood pumping.

Chasing me through the neighborhood is G’s new favorite pastime. Now, I can get in shape for summer as long as I can divert G’s attention from spotting any patches of clovers. He’s recently gotten into the habit of stopping whenever he sees one and picking a clover for his sister. Still waiting to find a four-leaf.

You can’t really see it too well in the picture, but she’s holding the clover he picked for her and is quite excited about it.


3 comments on “Running Away From Your Children

  1. memyselfandkids
    March 24, 2012

    Maybe when he grows up he will head the neighborhood watch – keeping everyone safe.

    • mrmomman
      March 25, 2012

      I think terrorizing the neighborhood is more likely.

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