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Why Lalaloopsy May Be The Poorest Designed Toy Ever Made

C and I were playing today, and we came across a Lalaloopsy doll she got for her birthday. I know, they’re not really meant for a one year old, but there aren’t very many toys out there for girls her age. Three is the magic age when you can start playing with more than a rattle and a stuffed animal, apparently.

So she was playing with her doll, or trying to play with it, and every time I see it, I wonder two things. First, is why are these dolls so popular? Not only are they poorly designed (I’ll get to that in a minute), but they’re kind of creepy looking.¬†Secondly, and more importantly, is how this toy ever made it onto store shelves?

As for why they’re popular, I haven’t the faintest idea, because they really are the most poorly designed toy ever made. First of all, the full size dolls weigh enough to bruise a toe if it ever fell on one. Despite the fact that they’re supposed to be rag dolls, they’re made of plastic, with the body portions of a caricature. The head is where all the weight is placed, making it nearly impossible for the doll to sit up. And who would want a doll that is only capable of lying down?

No matter how hard you try . . .

. . . you can't get this doll to sit up.

Even if the giant head were light enough to allow the doll to sit up, the supposedly “cute,” inwardly turned feet would make it impossible to stand the doll up. And yet, I see these commercials with the dolls walking and dancing. Unless I hold the doll by the top of her head, she topples over.

Since I didn’t grow up playing with dolls, I may not understand this correctly, but my impression of dolls was that they served three functions.

1. A cuddle buddy. C has a doll she likes to sleep with, and I know not all dolls are designed for cuddling, but if cuddling is not an option, the other two play functions I’m about to mention would be a nice alternative.

2. Someone to have tea with. This brings me back to my earlier point about not being able to sit the doll up. How are my daughter and I supposed to have a tea party with a doll that can only lie down. Shall we pretend it’s just C’s narcoleptic friend who fell asleep while tea was served? I guess so.

3. Something to practice changing clothes on. Ok, so the Lalaloopsy dolls can theoretically provide this function, but the doll’s giant, overweight head make it so awkward to handle, that it takes all the fun out of changing her clothes. Or, playing with it, in general.

What am I supposed to do with this doll? I can't even hold her head up.

Oh, I know. I'll just chew on her feet.

I can’t imagine, nor do I remember ever seeing, a worse toy than Lalaloopsy. Ok, I’m sure there are worse toys out there, but Lalaloopsy has to be in the top ten.


One comment on “Why Lalaloopsy May Be The Poorest Designed Toy Ever Made

  1. kierrajanay
    March 24, 2012

    Lol omg those things are a tad creepy. When I was out wrecking my brain on what I could possibly get zi for christmas I came across that thing I looked at It. Tried to imagine what she could possibly do with it and the purpose of it. Lol (btw 3 is sooo not the magic age most of the toys pieces are still to small for them to pl ay with or to advanced) its 5 I believe lol.

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