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I realized today why so many kids love Spider-Man. There’s some innate desire in children to climb up things that aren’t easily climbable. For instance, a slide.

Spider-Girl, Spider-Girl, does whatever a spider can.

Every time I go to a playground, there’s at least one kid trying to climb up the slide. Slides are, by nature, designed to make you go down. Surface, angle, and gravity are all working against going up a slide.

I used to think going up a slide was easier than walking around and hiking up the steps to get back to the top of the slide, but it really isn’t. Maybe that’s why so many kids do it, because it seems shorter and easier. Last year when I took G to the park, he would try to climb up the twisty slide, every time. I climbed up it a few times, and it is far more exhausting than going around and up some stairs.

Soon, C will actually be able to climb the slide. She’s getting remarkably good at climbing, and I like to think she gets that from me. Today, for the first time, she climbed the rope ladder at the playground by herself. She was halfway up before I even realized she was climbing. She made it all the way to the top by herself. Ok, I’m just proud daddy gushing now.

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One comment on “Anti-Gravity

  1. memyselfandkids
    March 15, 2012

    My kids loved to climb up the slide as well. Maybe, it is just doing things in a different manner that is interesting or maybe they are exhibiting their rebellious side.

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