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An Act Of Kindness

I seriously wish I could have captured this image while they were wearing fancy clothes and you could actually see them walking down the stairs. Usually, G is trying to race C, sometimes pushing her aside or clobbering over her to beat her up or down the stairs.

If this image is not portraying how sweet this action was, let me provide some description to add context.

G:  “Here, sweetie, take my hand.”

C:  Staring at her brother.

G:  Grabs her hand, “Come, sweetie, I’ll hold your hand. I’ll help you. Come. Mmm hmm. Yeah.”

C:  Offers her hand to G.

G:  Helps her up, then hugs and kisses her.

C:  Giggles.

Sorry if I just barfed cuteness all over your computer screen.


One comment on “An Act Of Kindness

  1. n.navas
    March 14, 2012

    Laughed out loud!

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