I haven't figured this out yet . . .

Week 11

I had a lot of indoor pictures from this past week and I’m hoping to get more outdoor pictures this coming week since the weather is supposed to warm up. G’s been banned from his truck for a while because the one day we took it out this week he tried to kamikaze into the small lake near our house and I barely managed to hold onto the bed of it at the edge of the water while G hit the gas and laughed hysterically. That should make outdoor play this week a little less fun for him, but at least I won’t have to sprint down a muddy slope to save anyone again. I only wish someone else had been there to take a picture of that spectacle.

Here are the week’s pictures that didn’t make it to posting status, but are making an appearance now.

If only I can figure out how to get the top off this perfume . . .

Victory is mine!

Little miss priss.

Horse riding is so much fun.


Marching to the beat of a robot.


One comment on “Week 11

  1. n.navas
    March 12, 2012

    laughed out loud re G and truck!

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