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Remember when you were a kid and how excited you used to get when a guest came over? I used to get excited anytime a new person came over and I was especially excited if it was someone I did know and like. And if it was a special enough occasion, you may have even enjoyed cleaning up the house to prepare for your guest’s arrival. Actually, no. Who would have enjoyed that?

I still like having people over, but it just doesn’t carry the same excitement it used to when I was a child. I still have to clean, we have to worry about food, how the kids will behave, and most importantly, deal with the interference to early bed times. Wow, it really is liberating to be a child with virtually no responsibility. If you take all the work away, having a guest over would seem pretty awesome as a kid.

Today was one of those days with a well-liked guest and seeing my children get excited takes me back. One thing I can say is that children have a way of making you miss your own child and feel kind of depressed to be an adult.

Our visitor was Auntie Vivien, a family friend and the first lady he ever kissed. The really nice thing about having her over was that G was inclined to do just about anything she asked him, making bath time exceptionally easy for the first time in a while. Even C, who hates new people, was easier to deal with.

It makes me wish we could have awesome visitors every week. But that might diminish the excitement that comes with a special visit.

I’m not looking forward to the kids’ disappointment tomorrow morning when they find out Auntie Viv won’t be joining them for breakfast.


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