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Rambunctious Babies

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to take viewable pictures for my blog posts. Mostly because my kids are crazy and can’t stop moving, making it difficult to capture them doing anything other than running. Relating to that, I need to amend yesterday’s post to include the feeling of embarrassment you get when your child is unequivocally the loudest, bouncing-off-the wall kid in a group of kids.

We attend a children’s gym that recently added siblings classes to their schedule and we signed up thinking it would be a good idea for both of them to have an activity together outside of the house. Our kids are typically pretty good in public, except today when G was the only kid running around like he’d had a pound of sugar and had never been in an open space before. (A little note on that: our children are lucky to get five M&Ms for dinner, so sugar isn’t very prevalent in their diets).

It’s embarrassing when other children are nicely participating in group activities and your kid is running around like no one else is there; ignoring your every attempt to lead them back to the group and running at such velocity that there’s a constant threat of running into another child. That sort of unbridled enthusiasm makes it difficult to keep G in the frame, let alone capture his blurry image.

So today I snapped a pic of C when she was investigating a bottle of perfume or body spray, I’m not really sure which one. I like watching my kids look at themselves in a mirror. Though, I don’t encourage vanity and narcissism in my children. I reserve that for myself.

At C’s age, the mirror always takes her by surprise and she seems fascinated by its magic. When I took this, she did a double take because she didn’t realize her reflection was there as she was trying to open the bottle in her hands.

If only I can figure out this smelly stuff, I can look good and smell good, too!



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