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Praise For Printers

Since moving eight months ago, we haven’t had room to keep our gigantic printer near our computer. I mean, look at it. It’s as big as a desk. So it’s been in storage, unless called upon in the rare occurrence that we need to print something.

Yes, I'm actually showing you a picture of our gigantic printer. How exciting for you.

Today was one such occasion, and it must have been the first time G’s ever seen it in action because while helping me carry it upstairs, he asked me what it was. The great thing about talking to a two year old is that when you explain something, it’s usually repeated back to you as a question. For example,

G: “What’s that daddy?

Me: “This is a printer.”

G: “It’s a printer?”

Me: “Yes.

G: “What you use it for?”

Me: “You use it to print out stuff you’ve typed on the computer.”

G: “You use it to type the computer?”

Me: “No, it prints what you type on the computer.”

G: “You type on the computer?”

Me: “Yes, and this prints it on paper.”

G: “It prints on the paper?”

Me: “Yes.”

G: “Yes?”

Me: “Here, I’ll just show you.”

Naturally, after setting it up, I showed him what it did.

The excitement was truly building up in him while it made noise warming up.

My kids aren’t all that into technology, I’ve said that before, but when they bear witness to its marvels, they still get a kick out of it.

How many others would get that happy watching a printer in action?

We take for granted that technology is just out there and always changing. Is anyone ever truly amazed by the newest technological advancements anymore? I doubt we’re as amazed as we used to be. I remember the days before printers when I had to physically write out all of my homework. It took hours sometimes. Now, my hand isn’t tough enough to handle writing for more than fifteen minutes without getting excruciatingly cramped.

One of my last semesters in college required me to write about 100 pages worth of papers and creative projects divided amongst four classes in the last three weeks of the semester. I complained endlessly to myself about what a burden it was to have so much to type. Well, at least I didn’t have to write it out. I just realized that while typing this post. I didn’t have to physically write all those papers. That would have been impossible.

This must be why penmanship in younger generations is severely diminished. We have computers and printers to thank for that. Seems like a fair trade, though. Legible writing, cramped hand muscles, and time in exchange for the convenience, speed, and ease of typing. Much more fair than tweeting and texting in exchange for the ability to use complete sentences, or even complete words. Just something to think about.


2 comments on “Praise For Printers

  1. Julie Burns
    February 23, 2012

    Oh Ian, I just love your squishies. They’re growing so fast! And therefore, not quite as squishy. They have the best facial expressions ever. Squish them for me, won’t you?

  2. n.navas
    February 24, 2012

    Pure joy! I laughed out loud.

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