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Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Girls

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how proud I was of my son for picking up a cute blond at the park with his truck. Well, today we ran into her again. And again, she wanted him to pick her up.

He’s got the shy guy routine down pat because that little girl just can’t resist him, even though he refuses to speak to her. Or, she may just want him for his ride, but I think everyone can live with that. He seemed more than happy to use his truck to impress her. Unfortunately, that sometimes comes at the expense of his sister who was enjoying a pleasant ride through the park until G decided to stop for Blondie to catch up with him.

Blondie chased G down on her scooter and then tried to beckon him to chase her into the woods.

As she stopped to get his attention, he decided to try and impress her with his blue bucket full of rocks, dead leaves, and a broken lawn ornament from Christmas.

The treasures of a two year old.

Blondie gladly accepted a bundle of dead leaves and a rock. She took the bundle of dead leaves home with her actually, as if he’d given her a bouquet of flowers. My son the ladies man. As I said, sometimes little sis gets left by the wayside . . .

C, waiting patiently for her brother's return.




One comment on “Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Girls

  1. n.navas
    February 23, 2012

    Too cute! Keep an eye on him.

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