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Disinterested Interest

Ok, ok, it’s a lame title, I know. I’m tired and I can’t really think straight. Just read on.

My children aren’t too into technology. They think it’s interesting, but they think everything is interesting so they don’t pay much more attention to things with touch screens and buttons than they would anything else. They’re interested, while remaining disinterested, if that makes sense.

I’m a little proud of the fact that so far, they prefer to use technology for more practical and basic purposes. G, used this phone to call his grandmother and ask for snacks and money. Very astute, I think, for a child not yet three.

C usually likes to just fondle an iPod whenever she gets the chance, but when music comes out of it, she lights up. At its most basic function, she’s able to find happiness and dance to the music it produces.

Most children unable to fully operate a device that complex, usually bring it to an adult in hopes of playing Angry Birds. I suppose one day she will do that. For now I will enjoy the fact that my children are completely oblivious to the possibilities of technology.


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