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Love Sickness

Nothing kills the mood on Valentine's Day like a sick toddler.

I have to say that I felt more like a mom today than any other day.

When I was growing up, the only awesome part about being sick was having mom around to pamper me. Like most children who had pampering mothers, it’s a quality I think that you either develop yourself (if you end up becoming a mom), or hope for in a spouse (that’s why men are such babies when we get sick).

I think this pampering reaction comes out of fear. The frequent check-in to see if they’re feeling ok, routine temperature checks, the offer of virtually all their favorite foods at any time of the day just so they might eat something, etc. are all fearful reactions in response to seeing one’s baby sick.

No one likes to see their kids sick, but the logical part of me says that it’s necessary for my children to get sick in order to build up their immune systems. In spite of that logical view toward common diseases, it’s a rather frightening experience to see your child behaving so radically different from normal.

Both of my kids love to eat. Even when they’ve been sick in the past they appear to be able to eat nearly a full meal. G’s lunch today consisted of half a bite of a sandwich. He then crawled into bed on his own (never done that before) and just went to sleep for almost three hours (also abnormal).

While he was awake, he spent much of his time just meandering about the house, not playing with anything. He’d just sort of stop and stare at the room for a while. I think one can see why this behavior, compared to the normal craziness you’d see in virtually any toddler, is disconcerting as a parent.

I’m apparently enough of a nurturing person to have developed the pampering quality in myself because while dealing with my sick son, I wanted to give him every comfort available to help him feel better. There was a lot of special attention, t.v. watching, and fretting on my part that doesn’t normally go on. The only nice thing about having a sick toddler is that they’re much easier to deal with because they don’t have the energy to fight you.

I can’t ever remember G being as out of it as he was today, so for the first time in a really long time, I didn’t have to scold him once today. I guess that’s a nice Valentine’s Day present for him.


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