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Childhood Pleasures I Am Less Physically Capable Of Doing Now That I’m An Adult

It was sixty-five degrees today, so we took advantage of the warm weather and went to the park. My kids insisted on a twenty-minute session on the swings, which, by the way, can be an awesome shoulder and pectoral workout. Pushing each child with one arm for twenty minutes can work up a sweat. Not to mention the motivation children provide to keep at it. Every time I wanted to stop, G was there to say, “more daddy, keep pushing me.”

It’s strange how I see my kids doing something that I used to do as a child, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve done it. So when I see my kids doing kid stuff, and how much fun they have, I want to do it to.

I used to love the swings back in the day. Who didn’t? Unfortunately I don’t have the stomach for it anymore. Every time I go to the park, I try to ride the swings, and I always get nauseous after a couple of minutes. I’m sure I could condition myself to swing longer, but I don’t have that kind of time.

There are a few other things I’ve realized I can’t do, that I once could. Things like,

– Cartwheels; I never thought these took that much acrobatics, but when I try to do them now, they turn into this weird, half flip, half fall move.

– A four-foot span of monkey bars; I can Kung Fu grip your hand when I shake it, but a short distance of carrying my own weight is just too much for my silky smooth hands. Pull-ups have become equally as difficult.

– Spinning around in circles until I get so dizzy I can’t stand; Ok, I can still do this one, but like the swings, I used to be able to do that without the urge to puke.

I am, admittedly, out of shape. Though, I can still hold a twenty pound child for a couple of hours and play a game of basketball without dropping dead. Hey, come on, that’s impressive.

I like to think that my ability to do a cartwheel or spin around for no good reason will help me reconnect with my childhood and feel like a kid again. Instead, I feel like an old man. For now, watching my kids will have to be enough to feel like a kid again.


5 comments on “Childhood Pleasures I Am Less Physically Capable Of Doing Now That I’m An Adult

  1. becomingcliche
    January 31, 2012

    I have never been able to turn a cartwheel. And God blessed me with chicken arms. I’ve never been able to do more than one monkey bar. But by golly, I was a tetherball champion. I wish that game was still popular. I would SO rule the playground!

  2. Stephanie
    February 1, 2012

    ok so this really made me laugh! I went to the park with my family a few weeks ago and tried to sit on a swing. I seriously think swings are EVIL now. They are NOT made for the hips of a mother- totally could not fit on the swing. I am not a big person either so I’m not exactly sure how some parents can sit on a swing with their kid and be remotely comfortable.

    • mrmomman
      February 1, 2012

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has difficulty on swings. I tried sitting on the swings with my son once and I couldn’t even balance the two of us on a swing so I don’t understand how other parents can do that either.

  3. nancy navas
    February 1, 2012

    Great clear pictures – love the sunglasses! Tried to do cartwheels about 18 years ago and discovered my wrists were way too weak any more to hold my weight. A good chuckle out of this one esp since you are still so young!

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