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Brushing Hair – And The Father-Daughter Relationship

I like to brush her hair, but sometimes the job is stolen from me.

My wife tells me that little girls like to have their hair brushed. I was surprised when I found out that was indeed true, at least with my daughter, because I had a sister growing up and don’t recall this fact about her. I played with my sister a lot when we were kids and not once did she ask me to brush her hair. Now that I have a daughter, I get to do it, though that job is sometimes stolen from me, as you can see. I always look forward to doing the brushing because . . . I don’t know, that seem like something dads can do with their daughters.

The father-daughter relationship is still relatively new to me and the only way to understand this relationship, I think, is if you have a child of the opposite sex. It’s different. I know what it’s like to be a little boy, and I know what my relationship with my father was like, and how I want my son’s relationship to be with me. I’d always wanted to have a girl because I knew that it would be different.

Playing with my son is a way to relive my childhood and also to live vicariously through him at the same time. Playing with my daughter, on the other hand, is a whole new set of experiences. I get to play make-up and have tea parties, and brush hair, and all that other girly stuff. I don’t get to do the girl play very often, just because C isn’t really old enough for most of it yet, which is why I so look forward to brushing her hair!

I’ve heard countless jokes about how girls are more expensive, more stressful, more dramatic, blah, blah, blah. Maybe that’s true; I did met a man who had six daughters, and while he looked stressed, he also looked happy. It’s a relationship like no other and I wish daughters upon all men everywhere because it’s a life-changing experience.

4 comments on “Brushing Hair – And The Father-Daughter Relationship

  1. The Dexterity
    January 29, 2012

    lovely kids 🙂

  2. n. navas
    January 29, 2012

    love this picture!

  3. Irene Stetson
    January 30, 2012

    Hi, Yes I remember I loved to have my hair brushed when I was a young girl. Also loved to have my father dry my hair after it was washed. He had very strong fingers & hands (from being a mechanic some of his life) & he was always afraid of hurting me. But I would always ask him to rub my hair/head longer & harder. I remember that it just felt wonderful. (I had very, very long blonde hair – down to my waist. It was naturally curly also.) Love, Grandma

  4. Brian
    January 31, 2012

    I have a one year old daughter now – and you’re right, there’s nothing like it! My wife and I are expecting again and on one hand I think I’d like a boy just to “have one of each” as so many people say, but on the other hand, I think I want our daughter to have a sister and I really don’t think I would mind having a house full of girls! Btw, thanks for visiting my blog!

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