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Fruit Pouches

Fruit and veggie pouches are awesome!

I was talking to my brother a few weeks ago, and at some point in the conversation fruit and veggie pouches came up. They’re a fairly new invention by baby food makers because he’d never heard of them and his kids aren’t that much older than mine. They’re pretty easy to find in the baby food aisle nowadays and must be gaining a lot of popularity because I see more and more of them on the shelf by a variety of baby food makers.

If you happen to have toddlers and you haven’t heard of these, you need to get some. If you need more fruit in your life but don’t like fruit, you need to get some. If you’ve broken your jaw recently and can’t chew food, you need to get some. If you’re like my wife and you just happen to like baby food, you should get some.

They come in all kinds of flavor combinations like, blueberry banana, apple mango and squash, apple and sweet potato, and a bunch more, but you get the idea. I’ve tried a few of them myself and they are pretty good. I can see why my kids turn into junkies whenever they catch a glimpse of a fruit and veggie pouch.

Not only are they delicious for the kids, but they’re the most convenient way to have a snack ready for when your toddler gets hunger pains in the middle of your day out at the aquarium, or museum, or wherever. As long as they can hold an object without trying to choke the life out of it (the result will be messy if they can’t), then you’re all good.

They seem a little expensive to me at $1 – $2 because they’re really just a snack and my kids can eat them in under a minute. At an average of $1.50 per minute, that’s an expensive snack bill at the end of the month.

Nevertheless, they’re a lot better than many of the other less healthy snack choices out there. Given that healthy eating is an investment in your child’s healthy future, I think they’re worth a try.

2 comments on “Fruit Pouches

  1. Kendria
    January 21, 2012

    I love that your username is “mrmomman.” Thats so cute!

    Yay for fruit and veggie pouches! Im keeping this in mind for my next toddler experience.

  2. Mish
    January 21, 2012

    My kids love these! (And so do I, *blush*)

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