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Play Time

Jewelry can be a treasure trove of fun.

This is a rare treat for both of my kids; playing with something that’s not a truck. Since my son is the eldest, we have had more time to accumulate boy themed toys. Things like, cars, trucks, tools, mega blocks, trains, more trucks, and a large assortment of puzzles with pictures of cars, pirates, and other manly stuff.

As a result of this, and oddly, our limited ability at finding girl toys for a one year old, we haven’t had very many girly toys. Christmas changed all that, but since the number of boy toys in our house still heavily outweighs the number of girl toys, trucks largely remain the toy of choice. So when pretend jewelry, or dolls, or tea sets come out of the toy box, it’s like Christmas for the kids.

I have to say that this scene would upset a few dads I know if it were their son they saw wearing earrings and playing with jewelry. They might think that it confuses gender roles or will mean that their son is gay. But, freaking out over a boy choosing to play with jewelry is about as logical as freaking out when a girl chooses to play with trucks or a basketball, and my daughter does that all the time.

I used to play with my mom’s jewelry all the time when I was a kid and I remember it being pretty fun. If my parents had scolded me for it and told me never to do it again, I would have wondered, why?

The way I see it, playing with jewelry, or dolls, or any other toys by a boy that are traditionally assigned to girls can only be beneficial. Playing with a doll will allow a boy the opportunity to develop a sense of nurturing towards babies that may be useful if they’re an older sibling, and definitely useful if they become a father. From what I’ve observed, my kids playing with jewelry has only helped them develop the skill to put on and take off things from their body, which is especially useful when you’re trying to teach them to dress themselves. Not to mention the fine motor skills. Have you ever tried to operate those tiny little clip on earrings? They’re meant for tiny hands, but they can be difficult to handle for child or adult. I’m impressed my son was even able to get those on his ears.

The point of my little rant today is that play time is learning time, no matter what they’re playing with. Except, knives, electrical outlets and batteries, those never make good toys.


3 comments on “Play Time

  1. jburns2
    January 18, 2012

    Omg dude. I LOVE your blog!

  2. nancy navas
    January 19, 2012

    good points!

  3. tshang
    January 26, 2012

    Super impressed with his dexterity I can’t even get those things on right. I have four sons and a daughter. My daughter was never a girly girl and preferred trucks to dolls any day. I have always had a variety of toys in the house. Some of my boys favorite toys have been legos, army men, cars, and puppets. But they also loved the play kitchen set and food.Three of my boys were obsessed with shoes, high heels in particular. And of course everyone loves make up and paint *crafts of any kind really*

    My kids are 21, 17, 11, 5, and 3, so far no one seems to be suffering from gender role confusion (what the heck is that anyway), and my two oldest are straight, not sure about the other three yet, but really I am not paying that much attention to it, because it doesn’t matter one bit. They will be loved and cherished always.

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