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Stunts Anyone?

This picture has me concerned. If you can’t tell, they’re climbing to the top of a ladder. I was using it to put the last of our Christmas decorations into the attic and they became quite upset when they had to get off so I could actually perform my chore.

I’m not concerned because they’re at the top of both sides of a very tall ladder. Though, that is dangerous. No, what I’m concerned about is the fact that I used to love to climb on everything in sight when I was a kid. Not just climb, but the things I would do once I’d climbed up on something.

I would scale the kitchen cabinets almost daily. I would take a long piece of rope and repel from the top of the stairs that led to our back door down to the garden. When our house was being renovated when I was nine, I climbed the scaffolding around our house, and jumped from it onto a nearby clothesline (I’m sorry to have revealed that mom and dad, in case you never knew).

But perhaps the stupidest thing I did as a small child, was when I was strong enough to climb onto the roof of our house, and take a running jump down to the ground. If I’d actually attempted to jump from the second floor classrooms at my middle school when I was 13, that might have taken the number one spot. It’s really quite amazing that I’ve never broken a bone in my life.

My son is starting to exhibit this behavior himself. He will climb up on something small, usually not more than a foot, and jump off. Now that my daughter has figured out how to climb, she’s doing it every chance she gets, though she hasn’t tried to jump off anything yet.

I used to think that children exhibited behavior based on things that were learned more often than what could be attributed to genetics. Not so much anymore. Is it really possible that children can inherit a general disregard for their personal safety and a love of mischief? I know, that sounds like all children, but the manner in which my kids go about it is very familiar, and as far as I know, no one on my wife’s side of the family had a love of jumping from great heights.

My kids may be too small and scared to dare jump from a height more than twelve inches, but considering their penchant for climbing to great heights whenever possible, it may be a while before I regale them with stories of my childhood stunts.


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