I haven't figured this out yet . . .

Zombie Children

Children are difficult photography subjects. They never sit still, they’re sometimes disinterested, and sometimes, they just seem to disdain the fact that you’re pointing a camera at them.

Although I am a terrible photographer, I only take partial responsibility for how terrible the following picture is.

Zombie attack! (they're really just trying to take the camera away from me).

Can I help it that they move so much it makes them look like demon children? I mean, I never thought I’d see human beings that walk side to side as well as forward. Only zombies and penguins walk like that. And apparently my children.

Of course, when they’re almost sitting still it’s not much better.

Those are the disinterested and disdainful looks previously mentioned. I thought I’d at least have to wait until closer to the teenage years to get those kinds of looks, but the toddler years is really when it starts.

It’s not as if my quest to photograph them is so far out of the ordinary for them. We have thousands of photographs of the kids just from the first two years. Is this what happens when children grow up to fast? Do they start acting like teenagers when they’re toddlers?

No, this is what happens when a man tries too hard to get the attention of his children. They ignore and give disapproving looks. They need their space too, after all.


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