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Licking The Spoon – And Other Simple Pleasures Of Childhood

It's a whisk . . . but same difference

Having kids certainly reminds you what it was like to be one. When you actually still are a kid, like me, you have to learn to sacrifice simple pleasures, like licking the spoon, so your children can partake in such long-held post-baking traditions. It’s ironic that I’m trying to teach my child about sharing and I somehow would find it selfish if I forced him to share more leftover batter with me.

This picture made me think back to when I would help my mother in the kitchen making brownies or some other yummy treat and how I would demand to clean all the utensils with my tongue. Then I would get upset if I caught her swiping a finger swab of chocolate from the bowl after she’d pour the mix in the pan.

Now, at best, if my son feels like sharing, I’m allowed one lick. No one tells you that you have to give up stuff like that when you become a parent.

A baby's eye view of a baby.

But it’s not all sacrifice. I do get the consistent joy of playing with toys that I never had as a kid.

I think what my daughter is looking at in this picture is the packaging that this toy I’m shooting through came in. Either that or her mommy. The point is, she’s more interested in what’s going on around her than a new toy. Is this a metaphor for life?

I’m sure like so many other people, I spent much of my childhood looking ahead to when I would be an adult and be able to do adult things, that I sometimes sacrificed the present. I should have been living in the moment rather than looking beyond it and it’s somewhat tragic that we often have to learn that lesson after we’ve grown up.

The good news, is that in being a dad I get to relive my childhood vicariously through my children. If they’re not going to live in the present, then I will. That’s why I spent more time playing with this toy than my kids did. Life’s too short to live like an adult.


One comment on “Licking The Spoon – And Other Simple Pleasures Of Childhood

  1. Candice Navas
    January 5, 2012

    I want a lick too!

    That toy is pretty fun!

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