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Day 1

Ok, so I’m already kind of cheating because I technically did not take this picture, my wife did. I tried to take some, but none were as good as this one. My wife is also hesitant to let me use her new Nikon P500 because I have a tendency to be rather oafish and break nearly everything of hers that I touch. I once carried her suitcase for her at an airport and broke the handle clean off. It was a really nice suitcase too and I’m still not sure how that was even possible, but she’s never quite forgiven me for that. So until my wife is comfortable letting me take the pictures, I’ll stick to writing.

To explain this picture, our family was fortunate enough to be surprise visited by my sister-in-law and my nephew all the way from L.A. It was a real treat to enter the new year with family we haven’t seen in a while.

There must be something innate in human beings where we can recognize our own kin because my daughter generally hates other people, and as you can plainly see, both kids are having a blast with their older cousin. Wherever their cousin went, the kids were sure to follow.

I have to add that it was somewhat inspiring to me that a boy fast approaching 13 was obliging enough to drop his video games at the mere mention of his name by his younger cousins. He never failed to respond to the sweet request of a two and a half year old boy saying, “come play with me.” I only hope that my kids will one day do the same when there are younger children present who look up to them and crave their attention.

Despite the joy in my children’s faces, this photo is somewhat melancholy for me, as it is their last moments with him before he and my sister-in-law will leave early tomorrow morning to return home. Their ignorant bliss may fade into sadness tomorrow morning when they realize that their favorite play buddy for the last five days is gone. Maybe I’ll get it on camera.

3 comments on “Day 1

  1. MJ, Nonstepmom
    January 1, 2012

    good luck with the 365 project!

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