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The Shark with the Best Bite

Let me start off by saying that it’s weird to be writing about this. I’m 26. I should be writing about what awesome New Year’s plans I have (which I don’t) or how exciting this year’s football season is (it’s not terribly exciting), not how awesome my vacuum cleaner is. But I can’t resist my desire to let the world know that the Shark Navigator is possibly the best vacuum cleaner ever made. This vacuum really sucks; in the good way that a vacuum should. I vacuum about once a week and it consistently fills the dust canister after vacuuming my house two or three times.

The truth is that I wanted to rave about my vacuum cleaner when my wife first got it six months ago, but I’m always weary of reviews people write on a product that they just bought so I decided to wait to see how my feelings held up. After six months I can say I’m still in love with it and will probably love it until the day it dies.

It’s been updated from the model I currently have and the newer model allows you to remove the canister for greater portability. I don’t have pets so I haven’t really tested the attachments specifically designed for pet hair, but if the vacuum itself is any indication, then I can’t imagine they’re anything less than awesome.

It also has a five-year warranty, which is longer than any other warranty I’ve found on a vacuum cleaner. It’s super easy to clean and if there’s anything negative to say, it’s regarding how often it needs to be emptied. I don’t know if that’s a negative though because it just means it sucks up everything in its path.

The best thing about this vacuum is the price. Although $150-$200 may seem a lot for a vacuum cleaner, Shark boasts that it never loses suction, just like Dyson. The difference is that Dyson vacuum cleaners are closer to $600. So if you want a lot of value for your money, Shark

If you don’t believe in Shark’s awesomeness, just look for reviews from other owners. Nearly all of them love it. So if you’re in the market for a vacuum cleaner, get a Shark. You won’t regret it.

One comment on “The Shark with the Best Bite

  1. Jennifer
    January 6, 2013

    I love my Dyson especially with my two dogs. I guess I will have to borrow your shark if my Dyson dies to see if I want to switch brands!

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