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I’ve Joined the 21st Century! (sort of)

Those who know me might say I’m a bit old-fashioned.  I got married when I was twenty.  I had two children by the age of twenty-five.  It took me years to even consider buying an iPod.  I don’t belong to Facebook or Twitter, and until recently joining LinkedIn, passionately rejected social media altogether.  Despite being twenty-six, I’m not fashionable when it comes to anything, particularly with technology.

I could go on and on about why I dislike Facebook and Twitter, but who would listen?  Even my mother has a Facebook page.  Plus, my abstinence from social media leaves me sounding ignorant and, well . . . old-fashioned.

The irony in my longstanding rejection of social media is that I like to write.  Though often shorthanded, social media requires its users to write virtually every time they use it.  So what better way for a kid who grew up with the boom of the Internet and all these newfangled technologies that come with it, to reach out and embrace them?  I’m just hesitant I guess.  I try to make a conscious effort to avoid the bandwagon for as long as possible.  I’m sure I’ll tweet and update my wall one day, whether by choice or societal necessity.  For now, I prefer to write the old fashioned way; in a journal.  And via blog.

Blogging is now my latest foray into the 21st century, and who knows, maybe I’ll become converted fully to the 21st Century sooner than I think.

One comment on “I’ve Joined the 21st Century! (sort of)

  1. jburns2
    December 28, 2011

    Ian! Thanks for re-sending me invites. I finally got one! I so totally love reading your writing. You always crack me up, even though I can’t hear your voice. Welcome to posting on the net. Love ya homie. Keep it up!

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